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Job hopping is one of the worst career sabotages that you can do. If you are in a situation, in which, your employer doesn't see eye to eye on something; consider having a sit-down meeting with him/her, the next time you are through the terminal. Schedule an appointment. Remain calm and discuss the issues that you may be having with him/her, or another member of the team or a customer.

Blowing up and cussing out your dispatcher/fleet planner or another members of the staff usually does absolutely nothing productive!

If you get mad at every place that you work at and you have an issue with every employer that you have worked for, honestly, the problem may lie within you! If you are a hot-head and you blow up easily, you will find that finding a good paying job in this industry will be hard. Why? Because companies aren't going to put you on, cause they don't know how long it'll be before you blow up and leave them!

Please do yourself a favor and tough it out for at least a year, before leaving. Try to do everything that is asked of you and communicate with management as soon as something happens, so that you can make sure it doesn't happen again, or work through the issues.

Not every job is perfect nor is it perfect for you! Every company has it's flaws and probably could be ran differently. Typically, companies will allow suggestions, but they normally do not act on them; unless really good! Good luck!

Keys in looking for a new carrier!!

#1 - Stop listening to your friends!  We get it, you don't want to take our word for the carrier.  YOU have had recruiters lie to you before, we understand!! You have heard all the BAD things about this carrier, that carrier, etc.,  However, did you ever stop to think, that if they were truly THAT BAD:

*     Why are they still in business?

*     Why are they still hauling freight?

*     Why are they still employing drivers?

*     Why are so many drivers working for them? 

*     Why do they offer such great benefits & can

afford to do so? 

#2 - Before you stop and judge that carrier, look @ the job that we have presented to you.  Is it a good match for you?  Hometime, benefits, miles, and pay is all there? 

#3 - Your friends don't write your paycheck.  Your friends don't control where you want to work and why the job suits you right now.  In fact, you might enjoy your new job so well, that YOUR friends may want to work where you do.

is something that you need to have!   That starts with listening to what we tell you, ask questions, fill out your application in it's entirety [don't leave things out], be happy and congratulate the recruiter when you get the job.. [And if you didn't, don't give up, don't bash the recruiter, because the company may be looking for a certain level of expertise].  Show up for orientation, be on time, pay attention, meet your new dispatcher, get your truck-get settled, haul your first load... take pride in your new job.  Reap the benefits!

#4 - Regular updates from you, by keeping us posted on how you are doing, while we can't fix your issues, we can help direct you to whom you need to speak with. IF you are happy, please refer us to other drivers; even complete strangers, so that we can help others.

Keep your CDL clean...

What do I mean by that?  Keep in mind as you go out every day/week/month that you are driving a commercial vehicle.  Read that green book-the FMCSA book, more specifically.  Because, before you put things on your truck that could jeopardize your employment with your carrier or other carriers, you might check to see if it's legal!!  Don't follow your buddy down that road that ruins your chance of being employed in the transportation industry.  Carriers have their own policies that are typically governed by the insurance carriers that insure their business practices.  You must pay attention in orientation and ask questions if it's not in black & white in the manual.

Things I'm talking about are:  Personal gun carrying - can you take with you in your commercial vehicle for personal safety.  While it may or may not be a Federal requirement, it may or may not be a carrier requirement.  So, if you are carrying, and your company DOES NOT ALLOW, guess what, you are in violation of a safety-sensitive rule from your carrier and you are subject to punishment or termination as deemed necessary by your carrier.  Same goes for alcohol being transported in the cab of your truck.  This is a big NO-NO even with the Federal guidelines and if found in your cab, you can face some serious problems including up to termination.  Drugs other than OTC [over-the-counter] and Prescription - must have them in the original packaging in order to be deemed ok.  Transferring them into a labeled or not labeled plastic baggie is NOT OK.  These DOT officers are not going to care at that precise moment, that that is only aspirin and you didn't want to carry around that big bottle with you.  Save yourself the embarrassment of being charged wrongly and carry your medications/supplements in original containers.   

It boils down to this drivers;




If you choose to take a gamble and just because you haven't been caught yet, you are not 100% in control of your situation at all times, so therefore, you need to protect yourself.  You may consider looking at the link above under More.  Look for LegalShield and get started on utilizing that.  They can only help you if you are a current member.   They may be the missing link to help you save your job; however, they only help if you are already utilizing their services!  Calling them AFTER you get caught, will not benefit you at all!

Truthfulness about your history!

  • We are here to help you!

  • We are here to help you find a new career!

  • We are here to give you the information that you need to make sure that you are getting the position that you want, and your needs for you and your family are being met!

  • We want to be your one stop recruiter; meaning, we will do our best within what we have to work with [carriers] and attempt to give you a broad variety of positions/carriers to chose from.

 What do we expect from you?

  • Please answer all the application questions, or we will ask you to finish it - delays in processing your application

  • Please do not lie or not tell us everything about your previous employer and WHY you left - This will void your application if the company finds something that you didn't share with them. Can't reapply in some places for 6 months or ever.

  • Please don't contact other recruiters, we work hard daily to get you in with that dream job, so don't mess that up for us!

  • Again make sure that your application is filled out completely and don't leave any box blank. If it doesn't apply to you, then please put in N/A for Not Applicable. Be sure to list ANY FELONIES or MISDEMEANORS; no matter how old they are or what they are. Be sure to list any tickets/accidents that you have received; no matter what vehicle they were in. If you don't know the dates of employment; don't guess, contact your previous employer and ask them.  IF you get any tickets; speeding, or other, please keep track of those; date, location, and what it was.

  • If we call you or email you, please give us a call back.

  • If you have found something, somewhere else, please let us know, so we can remove you from our database.

  • Please don't be upset if we don't have any available positions in your area, or due to your past history.

  • If you had a positive experience; which I hope you all have, please share with your friends on where you went!

Get your DAC Report every year!!!   Why is this important?  To check to see what employers are saying about you!  You can dispute anything negative on your report!  This is helpful especially if you are a job hopper.  Don't be a job hopper!

It does take at least 10 days to receive this report!  You can order one here:

FMCSA [Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration] along with DOT [Department of Transportation] requires those that have a CDL [Commercial Drivers License] and their employers to follow drug and alcohol testing rules.  

To do your part in helping to keep everyone safe on the roadways, please click on the link above and participate.

Companies can log in and see if you have ever been convicted of a drug or alcohol violation.  This is critical for employment purposes and to keep others safe.  Employers will not be wanting to employ someone with a drug or alcohol problem due to you might have a relapse while behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler or any commercial vehicle..

This is where you can find more information about the drug and alcohol programs. Get forms, testing brochures, guidelines for Alcohol and Drug regulations and more. 

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